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We are the weavers Since 1954. Our journey started with Hasan Enterprises in the year 1999, after successfully completed 7 years of Hasan Enterprises we have started S.M.Creation in the year of 2006, Our First Retail outlet Gallery Boutique was opened on 2012, and Now the journey of Sanjar Creation began in the year 2018 with the our wholesale and retail outlet and Online Store in Bengaluru, never looking back since then and now we are leading and trusted company in Bengaluru (India). Today, it is the world's preferred choice for Banarasi Sarees and sets new standards of customer delight every day.

Selling in 9 major states in Approx. 45 cities across India. We 500+ Wholesale and 10000+ Retail happy customers. Over the years size may have change, but one underlying idea has stayed the same – the customer is at the centre of everything we do.

A separate online store was launched for our International customers and we make sure every time you have a pleasant shopping experience with us online. To mark our 25th year, we launched Pure Kanjivaram Silk sarees collections viz., The Nalina, Madhuram, Vaibhogam, Bridal 15 both online & in stores.

By working closely together as a single company globally focused on the key elements of fashion production –design, manufacture, distribution and retail– with three pillars -flexibility, digital integration and sustainability- we brought our customers closer than ever to the products they wanted at affordable prices.


We are a one-stop shop offering the widest variety of authentic and trendy Banarasi Sarees. Our online & offline platform offers it all - sarees with an exquisite collection of accessories. Everyday interaction between our customers and staff is all-important for our product decisions, helping us understand customer needs.


To provide our customers a truly online hassle free shopping experience, we guarantee our superior quality range, supported by swift and secure processes right from purchase to product delivery and beyond. Our stores and online platforms are the beating heart of our business, working seamlessly together as integrated commerce platforms. OUR STORES AND ONLINE PLATFORMS ARE WHERE OUR UNIQUE RELATIONSHIP WITH CUSTOMERS IS FORGED


A 67-Year Old Legacy

For over decade, we have been taking the finest of India to the world. Every style we offer, every service we bring, every technology initiative we take is backed by experience few can boast of.

The Latest Collection

Our collection encompasses 2000 of the latest Indian styles. Our team of fashion experts work with expertise artisans and weavers to bring you red-hot trends inspired by fashion runways.

Fast Fashion for You

Not everyone can match of a Ready to Ship Collection as ours. You’ll never miss an occasion when you shop from our repertoire that’s set for dispatch within 24 hours.

Customized Stitching

Our service offers customization in your chosen design, ensuring tailored perfection in the fit, styling & adornment. It’s like having a boutique that creates just for you.

Pan-India Specialties

Where would you find authentic treasures from artisan hubs across India? Right here. Kanjeevaram from Tamil Nadu, Leheriya & Bandhni from Rajasthan too

Mobile-Ready Experience

We’ve put the finest technology a work so that all our front-end platforms are futuristic and mobile-ready. Shop from your mobile with ease, and get prices in your local currency to boot.

For Weddings & Bulk Orders

For those living In & Outside India, our hand-picked Kanchipuram, Silk Sarees and Banarasi Pure Sarees of the richest Indian garbs is a dream come true. We also offer special discounts for bulk purchase.

Online Store

We are a part of e-Store is an eminent name among saree connoisseurs and has always made you glorious with flamboyant weaves in handloom sarees!


Having 25 years of rich heritage in Silk & Silk cotton sarees, all our sarees are handwoven and we are proud to say it!


Awarded the India’s most respected sustainability certification, our 10 logistics centres –all of them are highly responsive and resource efficient.

Clothing Online

Today, when customers shop for clothing online, they are concerned about two things: 1. Is it Authentic? 2. Would it be exactly similar to how it looks in the picture?

Mobile-Ready Experience

We want to create value through beautiful, ethical, quality products with a complete cycle of life. We act precisely and responsibly in every stage of the fashion process -from design and sourcing, to manufacturing and quality control, logistics and sales through stores and online- throug a unique business model with three key pillars: flexibility, digital integration and sustainability.

Happy Customers